SMT SMT processing services,The company has 3 fully automatic SMT SMT production line and 2 professional plug-in assembly line, the assembly of the test production line of the 7, the ability to achieve a patch of Nissan 2 million 700 thousand points, plug-ins can be up to 1 million points. The company is equipped with new imports such as Samsung and JUKI placement machine, automatic screen printing machine, eight zone reflow furnace, wave soldering and other high-end equipment, can mount more than 0402 precision devices, attention to small quantities of SMT and patch after welding, assembly, testing one-stop service.

SMT/DIP production workshop

PCBA quality control

Material inspection: the quality of the material determines the service life of the PCB board

Solder paste inspection: the production of internationally renowned brands of solder paste, dedicated management, inspection before use to thaw mixing

Steel net and scraper control: the steel net is used before the constant temperature preservation, and carries on the tension test. Scraper control at 45 degrees angle, the use of a certain number of times after the scrap treatment
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