Component procurement is an important part of our one-stop service. Chinese companies have its own procurement center in Beijing and Shenzhen, set up their own procurement team, has accumulated more than ten years experience of purchasing, the company integrates more than 1000 high-quality suppliers of channel resources, provide all kinds of electronic materials purchasing for customers. The supplier certification, the annual audit specification, IQC incoming inspection strictly, warehouse management, anti-static constant temperature and humidity control, strictly control the material mechanism of FIFO, ensure all BOM materials supporting first-class service for customers.

Material purchasing team

Professional team of supply chain management, component Certification Engineer 1000 channel and platform for professional resources
strict inspection management IQC years purchasing management experience
organization of standardization and efficiency of the process control of BOM professional engineer complete: project department, engineering department, purchasing department, quality department
professional components procurement channels, factory direct docking, reduce intermediate links

Channel brand

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